Liquid Ladybug Vs Spider Mites

Liquid Ladybug Means No Spider Mites

Gardeners know that there are plenty of pests that can completely destroy both crops and plant life alike. One of those pests is the spider mite, a prolific little insect that overwhelms a garden with its sheer numbers. Ensuring your garden has no spider mites means controlling the reproductive cycle of the colony before it gets out of hand. Liquid Ladybug Spider Mite Killer is the most effective way to rid your garden of these pests safely, and without the use of chemical pesticides.

Spider Mites

Preventing Reproduction is the Key

Spider Mites are very small and susceptible to predators like ladybugs, so they rely on “mass production” for colony survival. In fact, a single healthy adult can lay enough eggs to produce a second generation of spider mites capable of producing 1 million additional eggs – in less than a month! At this incredible rate of reproduction, it’s common for a garden to be overwhelmed with spider mites in a very short amount of time. Hot, dry conditions can exacerbate the problem, reducing incubation time from 40 days to just five.

By preventing adult spider mites from laying new eggs, colonies will effectively dwindle on their own until they are completely eradicated. Having a garden with no Spider Mites is simply a matter of stopping the adults from laying eggs. Rather than using harmful pesticides strong enough to kill off both adult and the egg, Liquid Ladybug only goes after the adults without harming the plant or altering the taste of crops.

All-Natural Ingredients Means Liquid Ladybug is Safe

Liquid Ladybug is the safest and most effective way to ensure a garden with no Spider Mites. The product contains only all-natural ingredients which mean it’s safe for you, your pets, and your plants themselves. The aromatic oils and esters in Liquid Ladybug work by suffocating adult spider mites and destroying their digestive systems.

When sprayed directly on the colony the oil adheres to the body of the adult spider mite which is unable to remove it. The substance is absorbed into the insect’s body, all the way to the digestive system, and destroys the digestive tract while at the same time suffocating the pest. Once the adults are eradicated, and no more eggs can be produced, it’s simply a matter of waiting for a few days until the next round of hatchlings and then applying Liquid Ladybug again.

One of the added bonuses of Liquid Ladybug is the fact that the spider mite does not adapt to the all-natural ingredients the same way it does to chemical pesticides. Chemical adaptation means there are only a few pesticides that have proven effective against spider mites. But even at that, they require continued application which can negatively affect vegetation. Liquid Ladybug can be used safely from the time of germination all the way up to harvest, without any adverse effects. Simply put, Liquid Ladybug the best way to make sure you have a garden with no Spider Mites.