Liquid Ladybug Spider Mite Killer

The Original 100% Organic Safe & Effective Spider Mite Spray

The New Way to Control Spider Mites

Liquid Ladybug™ is a zero environmental impact miticide. It was designed to overcome all the shortcomings of the mite control products currently available in the marketplace and achieve a new paradigm in spider mite control. The result is Liquid Ladybug™ Organic Spider Mite Spray with benefits never seen before:

• Safe to Use Daily
• Safe to Use with Lights On
• Safe to Use on Flowers and Fruit
• Safe to Use from Seedling to Harvest
• Evaporates Off of the Plant After Application

Spider mite control has been difficult using the current products available up until now because of their limitations and toxicity. Natural products are the safer way to get rid of spider mites but not all natural products are effective. Only a few natural plant oils can control spider mites safely. Some may be organic, like Neem oil or Cottonseed oil for instance, but they are so harsh they harm plant tissue and endanger the user. Controlling Spider Mites safely is the goal of Liquid Ladybug™.

There is no comparison between Liquid Ladybug™ and any of the other spider mite sprays. Our approach is “clever is better!” because the ‘bigger hammer’ philosophy is not the best way to end a spider mite infestation. The safety of the grower and the health of the plant are paramount.

Recognizing a Spider Mite Infestation

Early detection is essential for spider mite control. Spider mites are usually the two spotted spider mite or the red spider mite. Early evidence of an infestation is the damage they do to leaves. This is usually seen first as a stippling or white dotted pattern on leaves. Underneath these leaf dots will be mites; barely seen with the naked eye so a magnifying glass is a good investment when detecting the infesting insect. An alternative method is to hold a white sheet of paper under a plant and shake the plant. Mites will fall off onto the paper as black dots slightly smaller than the period at the end of this sentence and the dots may start crawling around.

Bronzing, stippling and burning on the top side of leaves are all characteristic signs of the presence of spider mites. Damaged leaves turn yellow, dry up and drop from the plant. Heavily infested areas are accompanied by fine silk webbing on the underside of leaves, between plant stems, at leaf junctions and at the top of the plant. If the infestations are not removed the plant will die.

Examples of Damage and Visual Evidence of Mite Infestation
Examples of Damage & Visual Evidence of a Spider Mite Infestation

Evidence of Spider Mites on Leaves and Webbing at Branch Junction
Evidence of Spider Mites on Leaves & Webbing at Branch Junction

Spider Mite Treatment and Control

Liquid Ladybug™ is safe to use daily, so a faster and simply way can now be used to end your infestation. Just spray two days in a row then wait six days and apply a third application. You don’t have to wait for the plant to recover from the initial treatment to apply it again because it doesn’t hurt plant tissue or burn flowers.

Liquid Ladybug™ is Effective in Controlling:
• Two Spotted Spider Mites
• Red Spider Mites
• Red Palm Mites
• Cyclamen Mites
• Broad Mites
• Rust Mites
• Aphids
• Fungus Gnats
• Whiteflies
• Thrips

Preventing Spider Mite Infestations

A single monthly treatment to prevent mite outbreaks is like an ounce of prevention instead of a pound of cure. To prevent soil born mites from re-infesting plants we have developed the Liquid Ladybug mite shield. This simple solution will keep mites from crawling back up into your plants after treatment and any new mites from infesting your plants that are introduced into your growing area. Cut a strip from a sink sponge and wrap it around the stem of the plant above the growing medium. Secure it with a twist or cable tie then soak it with Liquid Ladybug. This blocks the mite highway – the main stem.

Liquid Ladybug Safety Statement

Liquid Ladybug™ is not registered with Federal Environmental Protection Agency since it qualifies for exemption under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk miticide.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee Liquid Ladybug™ will solve your spider mite problem so if you are having difficulty eradicating your mite infestation we want to hear from you. We are here to help; please call anytime @ 877.596-ASAP (2727)